Archives 2002

March 2002

  • Editorial: research and professional prospectives
  •  Research: experience with a method for research and continuous medical education
  • Research: Counselling for physical activity (assessment and counselling for patient- oriented exercise), on life and quality style of fat patients in primary care
  •  Evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of Tamoxifen in primary prevention of Breast Cancer and efficacy in clinical practice.
  • Audit: the other side of blood pressure in general practice


May 2002

  • Parma Conference 2002
  • Study of appropriateness of the use to emergency service from the GPs
  • Audit on Aspirin treatment in patients with previous myocardial infarction in GP
  • From audit to clinic: trials impact on GPs practice
  • A prevention project in a community of 1800 inhabitants from 1994 to 2001
  •  State of patients on long-term oral anticoagulant therapy
  • Focus group among 8 GPs on the use of a preventive booklet
  • An underestimated variable: social problems in GP: a case and a ministatistic of a GP

July 2002

  • Editorial
  • An artistic and professional medical surgery in Agno Valley
  • Descriptive research on prostatic cancer in Marche Country
  • NET-AUDIT for asthma treatment

December 2002

  • Editorial
  • Let’s measure our blood pressure
  • How to assess the suitability of drug prescriptions
  • The integrated home health assistance and protected discharge project in the ASL 17: theoretical premises and organizational principles
Insulin therapy and GP: a difficult but possible marriage


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