Archives 2005

May 2005

  • Editorial
  • Anonymous questionnaire on the behaviour of GP’s in connection with the means of transportation
  • Medicine and health? Any mean is valid!
  • The impact of a first encounter and counselling strategies on the interruption of HRT in GP
  • The PICENUM study


August 2005

  • Editorial
  • What is an “Intention to treat” analysis?
  •  NET-ABC: Netaudit on people to be vaccinated for hepatitis B and A: markers and vaccinations for viral hepatitis in patients that are carriers of hepatitis B or C with *family contacts * for hepatitis B, enrolled in our lists.
  • Amiodarone and hypo- thyroidism
  • Subclinical but not under treated hypothyroidism


December 2005

  • Editorial
  •  What is a Sensitivity Analysis?
  • Underuse of NHS prescriptions by public specialists
  •  Contrasts on contrast media
  •  Ticlopidine in GP despite the risks


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