What is the Magazine QQ

The QQ magazine is a new Newsletter for qualitative and quantitative research in General Practice, which started between Verona and Vicenza, within friendly networks of members belonging the SIMG of Verona and National Managers of the VRQ Italian Society of Vicenza.

The magazine’s name indicates “Quality and Qualities” in GP because it wants to demonstrate the absolute kaleidoscopic dimension of GP, which stretches out between research and accurate evaluation of Quality (VRQ), which bring to “Truths” that cannot be easily measured (the different qualitative variables in our job). This project, which started in the Verona and Vicenza area, wants to be recognized, extended and have a nationwide operativeness (also see the International Meetings of Research that have already been organized, whose documents can be found in the 12/98 and 11/99 issues), therefore, the magazine is opened to contributions and wishes to receive researches that all colleagues can send us (please see instructions for the authors).

The QQ decalogue published in April 96, explains and summarizes all these concepts.

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